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Casscenery (The Cassini Photos of Saturn)

Cassini Image of Saturn

As the 20 year long Cassini mission comes to an end, no one wants to miss the exciting events of the last 4.5 months. Cassini is slated to crash into the surface of Saturn on September 15th this year, but not before Cassini swoops progressively lower to the gas giant, giving scientists unprecedentedly close images of the planet and views from within Saturn’s rings. Those hoping to experience the end of Cassini’s mission for themselves should check out the JPL website where NASA will be uploading raw images from Cassini in real time for the general public to look at. You should be cautioned though, Cassini images like the one at the top of this blog are hard to come by amongst the hundreds of thousands of raw images taken by Cassini.

Raw Cassini Image

Space enthusiasts may also notice that the popular Cassini images are all in color but that the raw images are all in black and white. This is because the Cassini imaging system is sensitive to a wide range of colors, both visible and beyond the human visible range. To filter information from this broad-spectrum imager, Cassini is equipped with a variety of filters it uses with its camera. All raw images from Cassini are grey scale, but by combining the grey scale images of the same scene taken with three different filters, NASA can create the breathtaking pictures we the public often take for granted.

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